February 26, 2024

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Bomb out of “cash or trash”

Bomb out of “cash or trash”

Bomb coming out “Cash or Trash” Provided by Despina Moiraraki to star, as well as Bayer, George Karambelas Production was asked not to continue to the next cycle if there was a cycle.

“Leaving cash or trash is my decision, and it has to do with my restless career personality. What I always look for in my projects is a new challenge.

That's what we say in my village, leave your comfort zone. This means leaving the area where we feel calm and everything is fine. When that happens to me, it makes me want to leave and go build something from scratch. After Cash or Trash, I want to see what my next project will be.

We spoke to the channel Informed and said that we are ending our relations at this time in the best possible way. We will definitely have more projects together. We may find ourselves on another project in the near future and do other great things together. They made me understand that I want to move forward and develop.” George Karambelas In Happy Day and journalist Christiana Koschlazzi.

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