April 19, 2024

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Actress Vesella Richards has died. She was found dead with her hands bound

Actress Vesella Richards has died. She was found dead with her hands bound

British actress Vesella Richards was found dead in her home. The 79-year-old, who used the stage name Vicky Richards, was found on Wednesday (3/6) with her hands bound in her bedroom in North Valesin, the Caribbean.

According to initial police reports, Vesela Richards was killed by robbers after her belongings were found looted. Authorities said there were no other signs of violence on her body.

According to what was reported by The Sun newspaper, the body of the unfortunate woman was discovered by a friend of hers who went to inspect the house, after he had been unable to locate her since Tuesday afternoon. The woman arrived home to find the front door locked. She called out to Richards several times and after finding the front door partially open she went inside. While searching for the old woman, he saw a dead body.

Among other things, the hard drive was also stolen from the security cameras. “Yes, we were concerned for her safety, and we tried to find someone to stay with her as her illness progressed,” Richards' cousin said.

Vicky Richards (as she was called) began her career in theater and later appeared in the television series The Onedin Line, Return of the Saint and Howard's Way. Vicky is best known for her role in Black Snake, a 1973 British film filmed on location in Barbados.

The photo that made history was taken by the legendary sun photographer Arthur Edwards in 1974. Then the actress posed with the star John Richards.

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Richards lived a secluded life, never marrying or having children.