May 22, 2024

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A third of the Ukrainian M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys were lost in combat

A third of the Ukrainian M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys were lost in combat

The only thing that is certain – which can be seen in the battles taking place in Ukraine – is that no weapon is invincible, not even a super weapon. Just as the first Leopard 2A6s, the first M1A1 Abrams, etc. were destroyed in battle, a fair number of M2A2 Bradleys were also lost. So who Of the 186 ships awarded to Ukraine, at least 68 were reported to have been destroyed, damaged, or left on the battlefield.

In fact, the Russian military captured a Bradley M2A2 ODS-SA and then displayed it as a war trophy on a propaganda tour across Russia. A demonstration aimed at highlighting the “weakness” of Western military equipment in the face of the “superior Russians.” This propaganda may have a better impact on the Greek Internet than on the Russian public sphere.

Bradley's photo is in Russian hands

The Bradleys captured by the Russians were carefully examined. A DefenseBlog post reported that at least one was tested using a Russian 2A42 30mm gun, along with 3UBR6 and 3UBR8 anti-tank missiles. In addition, the vehicle's active ERA armor, known as Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles or BRAT, was removed for detailed analysis. The Ukrainian M2A2s are already of the ODS-SA version, and some of them are very close to M2A3 standard.

Of course, these losses do not mean that the specific armored vehicles are ineffective in battle, They in turn inflicted heavy losses on the Russian army, even in the face of T-90 tanks. However, a full evaluation of all the systems – for both sides – will be known after the end of the war, when it will be evident from the piles of wreckage, the crews' accounts, and the confidence they will still have from the veterans, of their ability to withstand hits but also their ability to demonstrate high availability and the protection of their crew that… With the highest performance.

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