May 21, 2024

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WHO Alert: Concern about psittacosis pandemic

the Global Health Organization He has since issued an urgent warning Five European countries reported a significant increase in cases Psittacosis.

It has already been noticed Excites Of the cases in Austriathe Denmarkthe Germanythe Sweden And HollandEach country reported between 15 to 30 cases in the first few months of this year alone.

also, five Certain Deaths have been reported for Hollandalthough Austria He also confirmed that some people They diedBut it did not provide precise numbers to the World Health Organization.

How the virus spreads

the virus It is mostly associated with those who work with birds, poultry workers, veterinarians, bird owners and gardeners, according to a statement from where. Transmission to humans occurs primarily through inhalation of airborne particles from respiratory secretions, dried feces, or feather dust. the symptoms These are fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, and dry cough, with symptoms that sometimes do not appear until 14 days after infection.

“In total, five countries in its European region where An unusual and unexpected increase in reports of C psittaci cases has been reported. The spokesman said that some of the reported cases developed pneumonia and led to hospitalization, while fatal cases were also reported. where.

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