May 28, 2024

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Adonis Georgiadis: The Execution of Mitsotakis – Doc

Adonis Georgiadis: The Execution of Mitsotakis – Doc

He clearly sees the post-Mitsotakis era coming, and he wants to be there.

He passed in Dooku, but no one from ND shot him on TV, Kiriakos Mitsotakis.

Made by Adonis Georgiades Happily, from Monday night’s Mega News Bulletin.

Viewers of this channel don’t have a chance to see the latest discussion, so what’s heard about the wiretapping.

Owner Vangalis Marinakis decided not to air it.

Adonis came to this particular bulletin, knowing that he would find his evil demon opposite him: Journalist Rania Jima.

Maybe that’s why he went: who else would give him the pass he’d been waiting for to say what he wanted to say? Pay attention to:

– “Whoever heard of Gita’s leader and minister Hatzidakis or anyone else, was monitored by EYP according to legal procedure”.

The first prisoner: Mitsotakis is the political leader of the EYP and the bullet ends up on him.

Second prisoner: Minister and second vice president of NT – Adoni’s rival at the ballot box – By his name … spelled Doubt.

Likewise General Floros, named in the article.

He also has a third prisoner: the Development Minister adds the dreaded phrase: “Or any other hearsay”.

In other words, he accepts that observation of what has been reported so far has actually taken place. Apparently, he indulges in them too.

In Mitsotakaiko, nerves are cut… video.

Vaxevanis sent him flowers – otherwise he violates the basic rules of respect.

ND’s Vice-President and member of the Council of Ministers from the highest available platform in a pre-election public space; Surveillance scandal.

He summed it up in one big channel – clearly and with names: Mitsotakis was looking at Floros, Hatzidakis and others.

Anyone who knows Adonis realizes that he didn’t accidentally throw the outgoing Prime Minister into Badri’s glory.

Blood and water do not work: both are strangers in the same party.

He was Mitsotakis’ heir who “grew up with golden spoons”, as he was mocked when he was in LAOS.

Self-confident, hardworking and intelligent, he gradually gained his rise in politics.

“I went to Karatchaferis because I had to start somewhere,” he once admitted.

Emboldened by extreme right-wing fringes, he spent years in disastrous channels linking business and political life. He succeeded.

But for four years Mitsotakis sidelined him, with a portfolio devoid of content – and watched him from above.

He was not the type to leave it at that. He hanged him now that he could do nothing.

He clearly sees the post-Mitsotakis era coming, and he wants to be there.