April 18, 2024

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The car caught fire while driving – moments of horror for a mother with children

The car caught fire while driving – moments of horror for a mother with children

A car caught fire while moving – luckily the driver managed to get his children out of the vehicle in time.

On Thursday afternoon a mother traveled with her two children from Athens to Thessaloniki, on the borders of the provinces of Fidiotida-Boeotia and more specifically after Castro.

The Car In which they were riding, lamianow.gr reports, it may have been captured from a short circuit fire Burnt out completely within minutes.

Fortunately, the mother, who was driving the car, saw smoke coming from the car’s engine and immediately got the children out of the car.

“I tried to put out the fire, but in no time it was engulfed in flames.”

Meanwhile, at the same time, a professional from Lamia was passing by and upon realizing what had happened, he stopped his vehicle to help the mother and her two children.

“I took the fire extinguisher from my car and tried to put out the fire that had just started. Within minutes the car burst into flames despite my best efforts to stop two more cars and find additional fire extinguishers.

The heat load was high. Unfortunately, even though we immediately called the fire department, the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames before reaching the scene. Unfortunately, we are unable to remove passengers’ personal belongings from the vehicle. Fortunately, both the woman and her two children are fine,” he recounted while speaking to a local site.

The traffic and fire departments have conducted a preliminary investigation into the exact cause of the accident.

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