June 25, 2024

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AEK – Olympiacos 68-100: Qualifying with… inactivity and now the Final Four (video)

AEK – Olympiacos 68-100: Qualifying with… inactivity and now the Final Four (video)

Olympiacos registered 33 assists to secure a 2-0 win over AEK Athens (100-68) and secure qualification to the semi-finals of the Stoiximan Basketball League. The season is over for Al-Ittihad.

the Olympic She qualified to the semi-finals Stoiximan Basketball League (100-68), won for the second time EekThis time, in an easier way. And she’s only looking at the Final Four EuroLeague.

the Nikola Milutinov Dominated without missing a shot (17 points, 8/8 2-pointers), o Olympic He provided 33 assists and AEK were unable to look competitive until the opening minutes of the match.

AEK – Olympiacos: The match

the Olympic The ball was initially entrusted to Mustafa Fall and then to Nikola Milutinov. Exactly where it reigns Ike Beatson.

Despite his many complaints Giorgos Bartzokasfor individual defense and losing rebounds (4), S Olympic He had a comfortable margin of 8-10 points.

AEK only threatened at the start of the second half, when the score was reduced to 19-25 by a partial score of 7-1.

From then on, it was clear that Olympiacos – with 18 assists in the first half – and their performance set the tone for the match. Whenever… his team stepped on the gas a little Bartzukahe was getting away with the result again.

The same…play came in the second half. Except for some stages Eek He was trying to get back into the game, and Olympiacos controlled not only the tempo of the match, but also the result.

Papanicolaou’s three-pointer from the corner, with 3:30 left in the third period, increased the lead to 14 (62-48).

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Immortal Milutinov

The difference reached 20 points at the beginning of the fourth (55-75) and nothing changed until the final. the Milutinov He was dominant (8/8 2-pointers). the Olympic He continued to pass (33 assists) with consistency and each team had its way.

the Olympic It is in the semi-finals of the tournament, and awaits the winner of the Peristeri-Colossus duo, while before these matches the Final Four awaits.

the Eek He sees the 100-year-old’s season end with another loss.

Where was the match refereed?: Finally in the third period when Olympiacos scored 23-12 and obtained a margin of safety.

The best ever: Nikola Milutinov scored 17 points on two 8/8 shots.

They expected more: Manos Hatzidakis had 1/9 shooting against strong opponents like Vale and Milutinov.

He got… his performance was ruined: McCray had 12 points.

Competitors in victoryMitro Long scored 14 points and 6 assists. Kanaan and Peters scored 16 points each.

Match statistics: Olympiacos made 33 assists.

Their next duty: AEK has no other commitments this season. Olympiacos faces Real Madrid in the Final Four semi-final (Friday 24/5, 22:00).

Contracts: 12-24, 41-49, 53-72, 68-100.

Olympiacos – AEK 2-0