July 22, 2024

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Full speed SEF repeat of the Olympiacos – Balor UEFA Cup final!

Full speed SEF repeat of the Olympiacos – Balor UEFA Cup final!

from him Olympiacos fans It became known that “unexpectedly” S Repeat of the European Football Cup final, between Olympiacos and Brave, originally scheduled in Chalkida (25/05, 20.00) It will be hosted atPlayground of peace and friendship!

the Olympic After his morning defeat in Europe, In their 13th match of the year – which was also the first European final in their history – 0 was called to topple the system. 30-26 in favor of Valor To get his mug EHF European Cup.

On 29 April, a rematch between Piraeus and the Icelanders was announced Indoor gym in Chalkida “Thassos Kambouris” (Because he was standing on both sides of the pitch, contrary to UEFA requirements for finals and not just on one side as in Ilioupoli)

But in the past few days, Olympiacos tried to “move” the final to the Peace and Friendship Stadium so that more of the team’s friends could watch the historic match.

And as everything shows, the goal is soon to be achieved.

As noted by amateurs. After the match in Reykjavik: “The second final match of the European Football Championship, between Olympiacos and the Icelandic national team, will be held, unexpectedly, next Saturday (5/25) at 20:00 at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, and there are still some official details, which are expected to be made.” “. It settles on Sunday, 5/19.

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