May 22, 2024

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African dust and temperatures “drop” to 16 degrees over the next few days.

African dust and temperatures “drop” to 16 degrees over the next few days.

As rain and concentrations of African dust are expected, the weather scenario will gradually change, with a drop in temperature being felt in the coming days.

Meteorologist Giorgos Satrafilias said the temperature will gradually drop to around 16 degrees until Saturday. On Wednesday, the meteorologist predicted muddy rain, while on Saturday “the long-expected rain comes mainly over western Greece, the northern and eastern Aegean”.


“Good morning! The fall of mercury in the coming days will be interesting. Until Saturday and the gradual fall will be about 16 degrees! The long-awaited rain on Wednesday (muddy rain) and Saturday will come mainly in western Greece, northern and eastern Aegean regions. The concentration of African dust in the atmosphere will be more on Tuesday and Wednesday. A map with the transfer of Saharan dust will be high, while the southerly winds will be very strong in the Aegean (7-8 Beaufort). Good week!”.

For his part, OPEN's meteorologist, Klearchos Marousakis, stressed that African dust and some mud will flow with rain this week, especially in western, central and northern Greece.

“As we head into the weekend, several parts of our country will see some rain. We need them to clear the atmosphere of African dust that has accumulated in various parts of the atmosphere and at the surface. More rain is expected Thursday-Friday and beyond. Temperatures will also drop to near normal temperature levels for the season. “.

Weather for next few days according to EMY

Forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday 16-04-2024

  • Initially in the west and gradually in other parts of the country, clouds temporarily increased. Northern Ionian and Epirus with local rain from afternoon to afternoon in western Macedonia.
  • African dust transport is favorable.
  • Winds from southerly directions will be 4 to 5, inland at 6 to 7 Beaufort seas.
  • The temperature will drop by about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius from its maximum values ​​and will range from 23 to 25 degrees and 26 to 28 degrees Celsius at places in the eastern continents.
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Forecast for Wednesday 17-04-2024

  • Clouds increased temporarily across the country with localized rain. Sporadic storms occur in the Ionian and continental regions, mainly in the west and north.
  • African dust transport is favorable.
  • Winds will be southeast 4 to 6 and inland at 7 Beaufort seas, turning west to west with similar intensity from noon.
  • Temperatures will drop further across the country.

Forecast for Thursday 18-04-2024

  • A few clouds increased temporarily with localized showers in the west, north and east of the island nation. A chance of thunderstorms in the north until the afternoon.
  • In other parts of the country, the weather is almost clear with some clouds.
  • The concentration of African dust is confined to the southeast.
  • Winds will be from the west at 4 to 6 and inland from the southern Aegean at 7 Beaufort.
  • Temperatures will drop slightly further, mainly in the west and north.

Forecast for Friday 04-19-2024

  • In the west and north, a few clouds increased temporarily, with local showers mainly in the afternoon and late afternoon.
  • Elsewhere, clear weather with scattered dense clouds over continental areas during afternoon and afternoon.
  • Winds will be from the west at 3 to 5 and inland the southern Aegean will gradually weaken to 6 Beaufort.
  • The temperature will drop further.