May 21, 2024

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African dust is coming back – when will it return?

African dust is coming back – when will it return?

African dust it is, it has passed but it will come back in the next few days. The weather may be clear and the atmosphere “clear” with northerly winds, but dust will make a new appearance according to the latest predictions.

Specifically On Holy Monday and Holy TuesdayAccording to EMY, favorable weather conditions for African dust transport will prevail. But otherwise the weather will be fine with local instability throughout the week.

The Demosthenes SarikianisA professor of environmental engineering at AUTH notes an increase in the frequency of the event compared to previous years, but its initial appearance before summer.

In particular, he said: “It is characteristic of drought and the relative desertification of the soil, which results in a much larger total volume of particles.” In addition, he noted, “the flow of air changes as the climate changes.”

As the professor predicted, “We expect to see a new episode of African dust in mid-May, Which can be Current same intensityMay be more depending on prevailing climatic conditions”.

In fact, he estimated “Things will be better from May onwards. Next fall there will be another episode of African Dust.”

Forecast for Tomorrow Saturday 04-27-2024

  • Generally clear with clouds in the west. From the morning, clouds will thicken from the west and localized rain or showers are expected in the afternoon and afternoon, mainly in the mountainous areas of the continent. Progress from the afternoon.
  • Ionian 3 to 4 and Aegean 5 to 6 and winds from the north in Beaufort from the afternoon inland 7.
  • Temperatures will rise slightly, mainly in the east and south. It reaches 18 to 20 degrees Celsius in the northwest and 21 to 24 degrees Celsius in other mainland and island countries.
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Forecast for Sunday (BIOS) 04-28-2024

  • Generally clear weather. In the afternoon and afternoon, localized clouds will form over the northeast and other continents, mainly over the mountains.
  • Winds will be 3 to 5 in the West East Northeast and 6 to 7 Beaufort in the South Ionian and 4 to 6 in the East in the North and 7 Beaufort in the Aegean inland.
  • The temperature will rise slightly.

Forecast for Holy Monday 04-29-2024

  • Generally clear weather. Local clouds gradually develop over Thrace and Crete.
  • Weather conditions favor the transport of African dust to the southwest.
  • Winds will weaken from the afternoon to West East Northeast 3 to 5 and South Ionian 6 to 7 Beaufort. 5 to 7 north winds in the east and 8 Beaufort winds locally in the Aegean.
  • The temperature does not change significantly.

Forecast for Holy Tuesday 04-30-2024

  • In eastern Macedonia, Thrace, eastern mainland, Cyclades and Crete, a few clouds are forecast to increase temporarily with localized rain or rain in Thrace mainly in the mountains and in northern Crete.
  • Elsewhere in the country, generally sunny clouds will thicken from the afternoon in the west.
  • Weather conditions favor the transport of African dust mainly to the west and south.
  • Winds from the north will be 3 to 5 and the Aegean will be 6 to 7 and inland 8 Beaufort will weaken from the evening.
  • The temperature does not change significantly.