November 30, 2023

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After 9 years of fighting, the Russians have broken the first Ukrainian defenses at Avdiivka while everyone looks on…Gaza!

After 9 years of fighting, the Russians have broken the first Ukrainian defenses at Avdiivka while everyone looks on…Gaza!

As fighting rages in Israel between the IDF and Hamas, Russia is achieving what Russian-speaking separatists in Donetsk failed to do in 2014: breaching the Ukrainian defense line at Avdiivka as they did in Marinka a month ago. And put the city under partial control!

These two regions were among the most prominent Ukrainian regions on Russian territory, as they are located Outside the city of Donetsk, the fighting has practically not stopped during these nine years, certainly at the level of skirmishes after 2014.

About 30 thousand Russians advanced and crushed the Ukrainian fortresses, While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a “funeral” statement similar to the one he made in Mariupol and Bakhmut before their fall (“liberation,” according to the Russians): “Avdiyevka. We stand our ground. Ukraine’s courage and unity will determine how this war ends.”,

Avdiivka has been practically surrounded by Russian forces, and its complete collapse is a matter of days. While all Ukrainian armored units in its vicinity are being fired upon:

It is now shrouded in thick black smoke, and the powerful Russian soldiers of the Northern Military District have breached several heavily fortified Ukrainian positions (the Ukrainians have been fortifying the city since 2014 with staggered rows of interlocking forts), making it only a matter of time before the city is captured: Share The Russian Air Force with its Su-25 and Su-24 makes the difference again.

Without risking anti-aircraft fire or enemy air forces, they strike from a height and target forts with incendiary bombs with clear results…

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The supply routes of the so-called Avdevsko-Krasnogorovsk group of Ukrainians are now under Russian control.

the Vitaly BarabbasThe city’s mayor appointed by Kiev told Ukrainian TV: “The enemy does not stop the barrage of fire. It comes from all directions.”

“Russian armored vehicles are moving from Donetsk through the Sands to Vodianoye, their mission is to isolate Avdiivka from Vodianoye and Obetnoye.”Ukrainian military sources reported.

Mil Mi-28N attack helicopters appeared much later, with Ka-52s bearing the brunt of the Russian effort, especially on the Southern Front, where Mil Mi-28Ns are considered “precious” to the Russians. The army kept it as it was in anticipation of a possible conflict with NATO:

The pre-war Russian-speaking population of Avdiivka was 32,000, but now only 1,600 remain

Oleksandr Stubon, spokesman for the Ukrainian forces on the southern front, said: He added, “Today, seizing or encircling Avdiivka has become possible, which is the best the Russians can achieve at this stage.” He said.

To the west of the Krasnogorovka settlement, Russian forces launched an attack in the direction of the Stepovoy and Berdichi settlements, while fighting also continues north and west of the Krasnogorovka settlement and north of the village of Obitnoy.

According to the latest data, the Russian Armed Forces are penetrating Toninki, pushing back the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

By the end of the month, both areas should normally fall into Russian hands.