June 25, 2024

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Father of the 8-year-old girl killed by Hamas: “Her death is a blessing”

Father of the 8-year-old girl killed by Hamas: “Her death is a blessing”

A father from Israel is shocked where He lost his 8-year-old daughter, Emily After Hamas invaded Kibbutz Beri.

This is Tom Hunt, who came to this community 30 years ago as a volunteer, and plans to stay a few months. He never left. Since his wife, Emily’s mother, He died of cancer a few years agohe and Emily decide to live there.

On Friday night, a few hours before Hamas stormed the kibbutz, Emily went to her friend’s house to sleep. “They were having a girls’ night out.”Her father said. When the sirens went off at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, Hunt wasn’t particularly worried. Alarms are not uncommon on kibbutzim. Emily was sleeping over at a friend’s house and he was sure both kids would be safe.

“Until I heard the shots. And it was already too late. If I had known… I could have run, taken her, taken her friend, taken her mother. But by the time I realized what was happening, it was already too late,” Hunt said.

He was unable to contact them and could not leave because heavily armed fighters overran the kibbutz. “I had to think about Emily. “She had already lost her mother, and I couldn’t risk losing her father as well.”

Many of those rescued by the army were eventually transferred to a hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea. Among them was Tom Hunt, who spent the next few days waiting to hear anything about his daughter. Then the news came. “Two people from the kibbutz and a team of doctors, psychiatrists and social workers came and told me… gently, but quickly, because they had a lot of people to inform,” he said, adding that he felt relieved.

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Of all the terrible possibilities, death seemed the least painful. “She was dead. I knew she wasn’t aloneYou were not in Gaza, and you were not in a dark room, feeling terror every minute of every day, and perhaps for years to come. “Death was a blessing.”He told CNN, his voice cracking and tears streaming down his tired face. “In this crazy world, I wish my daughter was dead“, He said.