June 24, 2024

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After security issues, Microsoft introduces big changes to Windows 11 Recall – Windows 11

After security issues, Microsoft introduces big changes to Windows 11 Recall – Windows 11

After backlash, Microsoft is taking steps to address privacy concerns surrounding Recall, an upcoming feature in Windows 11 designed to help users quickly find anything they’ve watched or done in the past on a Copilot+ PC.

Since it is about monitoring computer use, it has been expressed Serious concerns By security researchers, regarding data storage and access, without complete user protection. In response, Microsoft Applies the changes Before Recall goes live later this month.

Initially, users will have the option to enable recall, ensuring that the feature will not automatically record screenshots or activities without explicit consent. This is also the first big change where the function will be disabled by default and not the other way around as was the case until now. Therefore, during the Copilot+ PC setup process, Microsoft will ask users to select whether they want to enable the Recall feature, taking a proactive approach to protecting user privacy.

Those who choose to use Recall will need to use a Windows Hello biometric authentication method, such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, to access their activity history. However, this measure alone may not guarantee complete security, as anyone with knowledge of the user’s PIN could potentially gain access.

Microsoft also applies additional safeguards to screenshots that Recall takes of a user’s movements with their PC, using “just-in-time” decryption protected by Windows Hello Enhanced Sign in Security. The snapshots will be decrypted and can only be accessed after user authentication, and the indexing database will also be encrypted.

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According to Microsoft, screenshots will be stored locally on the device, associated with a specific user account, and will not be used to train artificial intelligence models. Users will be able to prevent Recall from taking screenshots of specific apps they use, as well as stop or delete related files entirely. The AI ​​processing that enables Recall will also run on the device without connecting to the cloud.


The primary purpose of Recall is to help users find something they did in the past on their Copilot+ computer based on their memory. For example, if a user remembers a shirt they saw weeks ago on a web page and would like to purchase, they can describe the item and recall can be more effective in locating it than manually scrolling through their browser history.

Recall will have the ability to retrieve information from a variety of sources, including chats, productivity apps, emails, and more. Microsoft likens this feature to having a photographic memory for your computer. A preview version of Recall will be available for the first version of Copilot+ starting June 18.

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