April 24, 2024

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Alco poll: 15.5 point lead for ND – second PaSoK

Alco poll: 15.5 point lead for ND – second PaSoK

According to an Alco poll for Alpha, the ND is 15.5 percentage points ahead of the European elections.

At the same time, the battle for second place intensifies as PaSoK is losing ground and SYRIZA is entrenched.

Alco's new poll reflects dissatisfaction with the government and distrust of the judiciary responsible for the Tempe tragedy, which citizens believe is an attempted cover-up.

Finally, the nationwide opinion poll shows the next day for Syriza and after the episodic congress for Stephanos Kassalakis.

Voting intention

In terms of valid voting intentions, ND registers a percentage of 27% (down 1.2 points from 28.2% in the previous measurement). PaSoK lags behind by 15.5 points, losing 0.7%, moving to 11.5%. SYRIZA recovered slightly (from 10.2% to 10.5%) in third place. KKE moves to 8.9% and Lysi to 6.4%. However, an important finding is that undecideds are on the rise, rising from 16% to 17.8%.

SYRIZA conference

Among the general public, 23% rated Syriza's exit from Congress as weakened, 15% as strengthened, 47% as “the same” and 15% did not respond.

Among voters who expressed a willingness to vote for SYRIZA, 57% felt that SYRIZA had strengthened since its episodic conference, 21% answered “same” and 21% felt that the party had weakened.

However, among those who voted for SYRIZA in June (which includes parts of those who came following the split with the New Left), only 36% say the party has strengthened, 37% say the same and 23% say it has weakened.

ALCO: Picture of Kassalakis after the SYRIZA congress

The image of Stefanos Kasselakis is bad after the SYRIZA conference, according to 37% of respondents. 22% answered poorly, 16% said the same, better, only 7% answered, and 18% did not know or did not answer.

Among those who expressed a willingness to vote for Syriza, 55% responded that Kasselaki's image was good, 29% said it was good, 5% said it was bad, and 2% said it was worse. 9% did not answer.

Alco poll shows dissatisfaction with govt. 46% were dissatisfied, 29% somewhat and 23% very/fairly.

42% said the bill on same-sex couples would not affect voting in European elections. 30% answered a lot and 21% answered a little.

Rural mobilizations strongly influence voter choice in European elections, with 37% answering, 29% answering somewhat and 27% not answering.

Finally, n/s for non-state HEIs does not influence votes in European elections, 32% respond. 39% say a lot, 20% say a little.


77% of respondents believe there is an attempt to cover up Tempe's tragedy because of political responsibilities, while 11% say no.

77% percent responded that a year after the tragic accident, not enough steps were taken to prevent it from happening again, 9% believed the opposite.

Finally, 38% say they don't trust the justice system regarding criminal accountability for Tempe. 29% trust her a little, 22% a lot and only 5% a lot.