June 23, 2024

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All Holy Week payments show the insufficiency of the farmers' “fund”.

All Holy Week payments show the insufficiency of the farmers' “fund”.

After all, just from a delay of one month, the next payment can be described as not good. Aside from the small amounts and products not being paid for, there is an equally big problem that due to public holidays, anyone who does not see the money by midday on Holy Tuesday and those producers who do not have an account with Piraeus Bank will be out of money. To wait until the second week of Easter. So, many people are already talking about one of the worst payouts, despite Avgenakis's explicit order to settle before the holiday. It seems that behind the sabotage in the issue of payments hides a dispute aimed at “destabilizing” the gov.gr website, which has already begun to leave “fingerprints” on the incoming credits, as follows:

House plans: On the one hand, applications worth up to 270 million euros have been rejected in various procedures, and on the other hand there will be a horizontal reduction of about 40%. This means that producers will see much less money in their accounts than the researchers promised them.

Animal related: Here things are more complicated. What should probably be considered certain is that animal allowances will not be included in the respective appropriations and will be carried over to mid-May. In other words, we are talking about 110 million euros. Therefore, out of the 245 million euros for subsidiaries, which the authorities have repeatedly announced, half will be included.

Related plant production: As of the time of writing these lines, information indicates that an attempt will be made to give the first payment order on the evening of Friday, the 26th of the month, and that it will be completed by midday on Good Tuesday at the latest. It should be noted that the specialty of cotton – the mercy of Thessaly – seems to be preceded and followed by protein-rich hay, fodder legumes, legumes and seeds, industrial tomatoes, rice, oranges for juice, Corinthian raisins, apples and corn. It is noteworthy that with regard to maize, those who declared it as a main crop and not as a side crop are entitled to assistance, which means that there will be many producers waiting to be paid, but in the end they will not. Review the relevant amounts in their accounts. There will also be few problems and mistakes for those on watch, while OPEKEPE has previously announced that “all the money of callers before Easter will not be paid in corn, pulses, fodder and apples.” “The end, as traders, organizations and manufacturers did not start recording deliveries until April 17” – as they should have done, according to Domokos.

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Administrative actions: A respectable proportion of dual aid recipients, perhaps approaching 10%, will be excluded from payment, as they have not had sufficient time to make the relevant corrections through administrative procedures, as is customary.

Last year's balances: There is also the remaining €88 million from the October payment and the December payment. Information here indicates that by Holy Wednesday, some money will be announced to have arrived, but not even half of what is owed to the beneficiary producers. Also, of the 16,000 Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) associated with the advance payment, about 2,500 appear to have found their way into the fund.

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