June 24, 2024

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The data-altering 'treasure' is coming – where is it?

The data-altering 'treasure' is coming – where is it?

The South American country, which is already launching five new projects, aims to strengthen its leading position in the “white gold” production sector.

It plays a leading role in the planet's energy transition Chileanbecause it contains the largest Lithium reserves in the world At the same time he is The second largest producer Of the mineral in question, which is named for its importance “White gold”.

In 2023, lithium production in the South American country rose 44,000 metric tons, While the goal of the country's government is to increase it further.

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As the government announced a few days ago, the goal is to develop it As many as five new projects in the country are on new salt flats Which will increase Chile's strength in the future.

For this purpose I began to accept it Declarations of interests. The process will take 60 days, and the government will announce in July which salt flats will be of interest, Aurora Williams, Hilki's mines minister, told a news conference. If more than one company shows interest, it will be launched diagnostic procedures, According to Williams.

Chilean President Gabriel Buric aims to do just that Lithium industry expands In the country, with increasing state control.

Atacama lithium

Let's remember that lithium is The main component of lithium-ion batteries, Which in turn is the most expensive and most important element in Electric cars.

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Given that this will become the dominant automotive system in the future, demand for lithium is expected to grow rapidly.

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However, price Of metal 2023 collapsed by 80%At $13,200 per ton – the lowest level since 2020, due to lower demand for electric vehicles mainly in China.

The oversupply of lithium has forced many companies to reduce production of the metal.

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