July 23, 2024

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Amazon is planning a new ad-supported subscription option for Prime Video – Amazon.com

Amazon is planning a new ad-supported subscription option for Prime Video – Amazon.com

As more and more streaming services release subscription options that include displaying ads to generate more revenue, Amazon may be the latest company to follow suit.

yesterday Publishing The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is in the early stages of planning an ad-supported layer for Prime Video, according to people familiar with the matter.

Although nothing is final, the company has apparently discussed an option where existing Prime Video subscribers will automatically get ad-supported content and be required to pay a larger amount in order to remove the ads, WSJ reported. However, the commercial breaks will be short, the publication added.

If Amazon expands its advertising activities, it will certainly not be a surprise, especially since it will follow similar moves by its competitors in this field. Streaming giants Netflix and Disney + were the latest platforms to launch ad-supported bundles, which seem to have been relatively successful.

Prime Video currently costs $8.99 per month in the US and €5.99 in Europe, and the launch of a cheaper ad-supported subscription is likely to boost the user base, helping the service better compete with its rivals.

In addition, parts of Prime Video already contain commercials, such as the NFL sports show Thursday Night Football. During last year’s NewFronts show, Amazon announced its Virtual Product Placement Pilot Program, which allows advertisers to place products directly into Prime Video content.

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