July 20, 2024

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Ampelokipi: Cinema break-in at a car shop (vid) – Newsbomb – News

Ampelokipi: Cinema break-in at a car shop (vid) – Newsbomb – News

A cinema robbery at a shop in Ampelokipi, the safe they targeted was not the only one with cash

Another movie breakdown Conducted by would-be robbers in Athens and this time at Ampelokipi.

A black car approaches a car supply store in Ampelokipi just before 05:00 on Thursday morning.

Two men, masked and gloved hands, get out of the vehicle. Three more immediately walk away.

A video provided by SKAI’s main bulletin shows the vehicle reversing and knocking on the shutters of the business. Five criminals quickly entered the premises while one was on the street to grab chillies.

The thieves knew their target exactly and moved towards the safe hiding place. One of the criminals, holding the iron in his hands, climbed up on the shelves and tried to remove it. Within two minutes they had removed the vault.

With the help of accomplices, they put the car in the tiki and left. One of the customers was visiting the store as a customer and was filming the business showing how to enter the store and steal the safe.

According to the owner of the shop, this is the third time the shop has been robbed and it is noted that there was no money in the safe and he used it as a case in point.

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