May 28, 2024

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Boris Epstein, a former Trump campaign adviser, has admitted that 2020 is part of a conspiracy of bogus voters.

“For example, have you ever worked or supported in Michigan?” Ari Melber of MSNBC asked him on Friday night.

“Yes, as we expected, I was part of the process of ensuring that there were alternative voters when the seated voters were challenged and won,” Epstein responded after being persuaded. Voters are not really “alternative” and “fraudulent voters”.

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani then oversaw the effort, CNN reported earlier this week, According to three sources with direct knowledge of the project. These include helping pro-Trump voters access state capital buildings, creating language for fake election certificates to send to the federal government, and substituting voters who refused to go with the conspiracy. Ephstein was among those who worked with Giuliani at the post-election Willard Hotel “Command Center” in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Biden’s election victory on January 6, 2021. Both were saponified between several persons Tuesday, Jan. 6, by a select committee investigating the attack.

Throughout the interview on Friday, Epshteyn repeated the false allegations about election fraud.

He described everything he did as legitimate, citing the 1960 presidential election in Hawaii as a model for “alternative” voters. In the 1960 presidential election, Richard Nixon initially defeated John F. Kennedy. Kennedy led the state by a margin of 141 votes, which was far less than any state that contested the 2020 election, but Nixon lost the state after a legal recount. This is because the results changed in the state after several voter groups showed a different result in the recount.

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“So, Arie, everything that was done was done legally by the Trump legislature, according to the rules, and under the leadership of Rudy Giuliani,” he added.

Trump and some of his key advisers have publicly promoted the “alternative electorate” program in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico.

Last week, the Attorney General of Michigan called on federal prosecutors to launch a criminal investigation into more than a dozen Republicans who submitted false credentials that they were the state’s presidential election, despite Biden’s victory in the state.

Said Dana Nessel of the Democrats Of the case On MSNBC: “Under state law, I think you’d forged a public record, which is a 14 – year offense, and an election law forgery is a five – year offense.”

When asked by Melbourne on Friday how soon he would testify before the House committee, Ephstein replied, “Well, Ari, as they say, let’s see what happens.”