July 23, 2024

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An all-female front-line unit of the Israeli army

An all-female front-line unit of the Israeli army

It is known that in Israel Women have an important place in the army and even on the front lines of battle. One of the features of this event is the creation of order Caracal Which was created in 2004 with the ultimate goal of becoming the first combat unit in which women would participate.

Today, nearly 20 years later, it is estimated that… Two-thirds of the members of this unit are women. For a time it was the only mixed infantry unit in the Israeli Armed Forces, until other similar units were created between 2014 and 2017.

In fact, the order Lynx (named after Lynx cats) It has an extremely pivotal role for Israel’s defense because it mainly guards Israel’s borders with Egypt and Jordan.

When it was first formed, its members were armed with an Israeli-made Tavor rifle, and they were later armed with M4 or M16.

Women in the Israeli army | Stock struggle

The mission and the incidents it included

In fact, the Caracalla Battalion participated in a battle on September 21, 2012, when a group of terrorists crossed the border with Egypt. During a short exchange of fire, one Caracal member A terrorist wearing an explosive belt was killed.

Two years later, during a patrol on the border with Egypt, Battalion pocket It was attacked by gunfire and an anti-tank missile. In this attack, two soldiers were wounded, one of them a woman who, despite everything, got out of the jeep and participated in a new exchange of fire.

Of course, the main problem they face in the Caracal Battalion is mainly drug trafficking and the smuggling of other goods, which involves a multi-million euro black market. So it’s not rare at all Smugglers To become violent by shooting at forces trying to stop them.

Israeli army women at a military base.
Stock struggle

Jazzy Regan, 23 years old Battalion training commander He spoke to a media outlet about the battalion’s primary mission, which is protecting the border with Egypt.

“If they think we are weak, let them visit the unit.”

“What we do is patrol either by vehicle or on foot At the border line. We are ready to prevent any organization from entering Israeli territory.” He added: “We are here to protect the people of Israel.”

However, there are many mainly conservative circles in Israel for whom these mixed groups on the battle lines are a potentially dangerous social experiment. It becomes a national security problem. In theory, this is because women are generally, according to the same circles, physically weaker than men.

“I invite people who believe in this Women are not strong enough To come and visit us in the unit to see that reality is different. “It’s not exactly an experience because it’s been happening every day for years,” says Jazz Regan.

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