July 14, 2024

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Will Germany be the first country to go bankrupt? When will it be the turn of the United States?

Will Germany be the first country to go bankrupt?  When will it be the turn of the United States?

A dollar is toilet paper, says the heretic Kiyosaki

In the previous days we knew that Germanythe largest economy in the eurozone recession.
because of the fact, ^ Robert Kiyosaki This is a warning that there could be a wave of bankruptcies at the corporate and sovereign levels around the world – especially after high-profile bank failures.
In fact, in the first three months of 2023, German households slashed their spending in an effort to deal with skyrocketing food and energy prices in the eurozone, with German GDP down 0.3% compared to the last quarter. 2022.
Reasonably then Kiyosaki He wondered if the countries of the European Union, starting with Germany, could suffer the same fate as the major US financial institutions that found themselves on the edge of the abyss in the previous months.
Banks first. Then countries? Will Germany be the first country to go bankrupt? will you go bankrupt If Germany went bankrupt, which country would follow? Will America go bankrupt after Germany? “.

Earlier, the famous author warned listeners of his podcast that “the US is on the brink of a potential Great Depression” because of the possibility that small regional banks will follow the big ones into the abyss, but without the prospect of government bailouts.
Regarding the ongoing negotiations to raise the national debt limit of the United States to prevent bankruptcy, the author compared it to “bad comedy” and “kabuki theater”, arguing that the country is already bankrupt.
He advises his followers to invest in gold, silver and bitcoin (BTC).
Furthermore, he argues, “money is rubbish.” Indeed, he often refers to government currencies as “counterfeit money” and “toilet paper”, with particularly scathing remarks about the US dollar, which he believes will collapse and lead the US empire to ruin.
At a time when it is losing ground as the “hegemon” in the global economic “space”, with the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – considering an alternative global reserve and trade currency, Kiyosaki believes this will return “like a wave of toilet paper over America” ​​with end of her term.

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