February 22, 2024

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An allowance of up to 600 euros is obtained under two conditions

An allowance of up to 600 euros is obtained under two conditions

The allowance of 300 to 600 euros can be claimed by a special category of beneficiaries, by submitting an application. Find out who is interested and the entire application process.

The digital platform for granting income support to families living in mountainous and deprived areas, for a period of at least two years OPCAis available for potential beneficiaries to submit their applications.

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He presses here To go to the designated platform. It should be noted that potential recipients will be able to call the codes Taxis.

Allowance of up to EUR 600 from OPCA: supporting documents

The necessary supporting documents that must be submitted to obtain the allowance are the following:

– ID card or passport

-Certificate of registration of a citizen of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland

– A certificate from the mayor of the applicant’s place of residence, through which it can be noted that he has lived for at least two continuous years in the specified mountainous and disadvantaged area / when electronic checks are not possible or do not lead to safe conclusions, with regard to a two-year residence in mountainous areas and /or disadvantaged, it is necessary to submit a relevant certificate from the mayor of the applicant's place of residence, to the KEP in order to attach it to the digital application.

– A decision or judicial order transferring custody of the minor child, or a notarized divorce decree specifying the relinquishment of custody of the minor child, or a mediation report from which the parent exercising custody of the minor child comes out. If any of the above supporting documents are not available, any other appropriate element must be submitted to demonstrate the exercise of due diligence by the applicant.

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-The child recognition document / presented in case the child is recognized. This supporting document is submitted to the KEP, in order to attach it to the child's application.

Allowance of up to 600 euros from OPCA: applying step by step

Look carefully step by step at how to apply for the allowance above:

-Start the process
– Submitting the digital application by the concerned party himself via the OPCA application

– Submit the digital application Through Cape
-Final submission of the application
– Rejection / After the rejection decision is issued, the applicant may submit a new application for income support grants in the following year.

– Verification of supporting documents
– Approval of the application after verifying the supporting documents

– The application was rejected after verifying the supporting documents

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