February 22, 2024

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An asteroid will pass near Earth today – how to see it live – Newsbomb – News

An asteroid will pass near Earth today – how to see it live – Newsbomb – News

In a few hours, an asteroid will pass at a distance shorter than Earth's distance from the Moon

One will pass close to Earth today asteroid. The asteroid is expected to reach its closest point to Earth and less than Earth's distance from the Moon.

particularly, An asteroid that is the size of an airplane It will pass at a distance of 354,000 kilometers from Earth.

It is worth noting that, It can be viewed via the virtual telescope project starting at 19.00 (Greek time zone).

According to a report by Live Science The 37-meter-long asteroid was first spotted on January 17 by astronomers and is named 2024 BJ.

Astronomers recorded its discovery the next day after it was determined that it would pass by our planet without any incident.

According to the Virtual Telescope Project. Although it is believed to have a “very close connection” with the ground, the rock poses no danger.

It's an Apollo-type asteroid, which means that its path, Referring to an egg, It meets the Earth to reach the closest point to the sun, Before traveling to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

These asteroids, of which more than 1,600 are known, The majority of asteroids that encounter Earth make up… It is considered potentially dangerous. However, the size of 2024 BJ is not large enough to be considered dangerous.

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