February 20, 2024

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GTA 6: The Return of the “Joker from Florida” – Stop Threatening Rockstar Games

GTA 6: The Return of the “Joker from Florida” – Stop Threatening Rockstar Games

As we reported, shortly after its first trailer was published GTA 6 What drew attention to him, the real “Joker” in Florida reacted very strongly, demanding millions in compensation.

In case you need a refresher, one of the most talked-about aspects of the first GTA 6 trailer was real news, real events, and real people making fun of them. Among other things, in one of the shots, we see a character arrested by the Vice City police, who closely resembles the real Florida “Joker”. This is the man who went viral in 2017 when he was arrested by Miami police and everyone was amazed by the tattoos he had on his face, including the Joker's smile. Lawrence “Florida Joker” Sullivan had commented on the trailer multiple times on TikTok, saying the character was inspired by him and threatening Rockstar with legal action if they didn't give him $1-2 million!

In the end, Sullivan seems to have found enough obstacles in his project that the legal scope for claiming something was very narrow indeed. Now, the real “Joker” of Florida has completely changed his strategy and style He wants to officially work with Rockstar! In particular, in a new video on TikTok he said:

“Send me in, let me voice the character. Give me more story in the game and give me a few million. Let's make history!”


You all saw what I did for the game. I've been in the news, I've been blogged about, everyone's covering me!”

Sullivan then challenged Rockstar to find someone in Florida who could be considered the “Florida Joker” instead, and it looks like he has no intention of letting the whole thing go.

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Below you can see his latest video.

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