February 20, 2024

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An impressive NASA image from Mars orbit

An impressive NASA image from Mars orbit

The moment people get to Mars It seems to be getting closer, though NASA To give us an insight into the perspective of astronauts when they reach orbit around the Red Planet.

The Mars Odyssey spacecraft took a series of panoramic images from an altitude of 400 kilometers From the surface of the planet, approximately as far as the International Space Station is from Earth.

NASA stitched and edited images of the surface of Mars under clouds and dustIt offers a unique view.

Of course, the image is not just about admiring the otherworldly beauty of Mars, but it will help scientists collect new information about the planet’s atmosphere.

Creating the image was not a simple process, and engineers from JPL and Lockheed Martin worked on it for three months. THEMIS camera is sensitive to temperature and is usually facing downward, preventing the ability to capture a broader view of the Martian atmosphere. It is used to record ice, rocks, sand, and dust and measure temperature changes. Using it in the atmosphere will reveal the location of ice clouds in relation to dust layers.

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