February 20, 2024

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Stathis Psaltis did theatrics at some point and did not trample on the soul

Stathis Psaltis did theatrics at some point and did not trample on the soul

the Harris Sozos I talked about the uniformity that an actor can unintentionally lead to and specifically pointed it out Stathis PsaltisThis was during his appearance on the program “Better Delayed”.

He specifically described: “I was playing at the Art Theater and Vassilis Diamantopoulos, Shakespeare, was playing in front of the Alhambra. I went to the show, in the balcony, and I saw a young man playing a crazy role, and a wonderful actor! This actor was Stathis Psaltis. I was unable to speak. Then join the dolphinarium with easy money. “That’s what every producer wants you to do. If you have success and play the old lady, I’ll pay you a big buck to play the old lady for me.”

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he added: “At one point he dared to do Diary of a Madman at the Borea Theatre, and he didn’t waste a soul because I went and saw it, it was excellent, there were very few people and he had to go back to the dolphinarium in the summer playing the old woman with the handkerchief. It is difficult. “It is a great shame to fall into standardization, to give the world and the product what they want, or even the product.”

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