February 20, 2024

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Backbone: An Unreal Engine 5 game that sounds too good to be true!

Backbone: An Unreal Engine 5 game that sounds too good to be true!

A few hours ago, the Nekki development team released the first trailer for the game vertebral columnwhich has managed to go viral on social media where it sounds too good to be true.

Going into details, the trailer in question was released during the PC Games: Most Wanted exhibition, and it really impresses with its graphics and incredibly smooth movement, as the animations and interactions with enemies seem to have been overhauled. The trailer also includes a mention that it consists of in-game footage and scenes, but most YouTube comments are along the lines of: “I can’t believe this is gameplay unless it’s an interactive movie.”

Regardless, according to the company, SPINE is a cinematic action experience like no other, with cutting-edge graphics used Unreal Engine 5. Its official description is as follows:

Enjoy a cinematic experience like never before with SPINE, a fast-paced action game from Nekki. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, cinematic, action-packed cyberpunk world of the near future, as a revolutionary artist, Redline, and her sentient war implant, Spine, take on Tensor Corporation’s overbearing AI system while learning to trust each other. Participate in highly cinematic gun battles conducted by real film masters, relive your favorite epic action scenes and create your own.

SPINE is expected to be released for PS5, Xbox Series Its release date is still unknown. However, you can watch the impressive trailer through the following player.