February 26, 2024

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An Israeli order to evacuate Rafah

An Israeli order to evacuate Rafah

Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the army to plan the evacuation of Palestinians from Rafah, according to his office.

As it conveys Al JazeeraNetanyahu stated this A “large-scale operation” is required in Rafah This announcement comes after international criticism of Israel's plan to invade the densely populated area on the border with Egypt.

it is expected that 1.5 million Palestinians -More than half of the population of the Gaza Strip- The city has been crowdedAfter fleeing fighting elsewhere in the Strip.

As Israel prepares to attack Rafah, many displaced Palestinians who have taken refuge in Rafah have arrived for the first time since Israeli forces were ordered to move south “for safety.” While Netanyahu ordered the army to prepare a plan to evacuate civilians, There are practically no clear instructions on the ground.

“There are no ongoing measures to evacuate Rafah residents.” Al Jazeera correspondent Tariq reported Abu Azoumfrom the region.

This is exactly what Palestinians fear, especially after being displaced several times. The Israeli forces asked them to flee south in search of safety.” he added.

Netanyahu responded to the criticism he receives from the United States

Netanyahu says in his announcement that it is impossible to achieve the goals of the war without dismantling Hamas in Rafah, and that such an operation, with all its intensity, size and scope, will require the evacuation of civilians in Rafah.

but The question on everyone's mind is where will they go?.

This development comes after Strong criticism directed by the United States against IsraelSaying that they would not support the Israeli invasion of Rafah, given the number of Palestinians currently there.

But the Israeli Prime Minister was adamant that the operation would expand. In fact, on Thursday we witnessed repeated airstrikes and shelling in Rafah, where many Palestinians were killed.

The operation in Rafah must be stopped “before it is too late”

Political analyst at Al Jazeera Marwan Bisharastating that the planned Israeli operation in Rafah It raised renewed fears of the forced displacement of Palestinians from GazaCountries such as the United States, Egypt and Saudi Arabia must exert all possible pressure to prevent the attack.

He added, “He (Netanyahu) is determined to continue in the southern end of the Gaza Strip, where there are more than a million Palestinians.” He said while talking about the possible “A mass slaughter of people or – what we feared from the beginning – the expulsion of the Palestinians in Sinai.”

“It is time for anyone with influence or anyone who cares – especially those in Washington, London, Riyadh and Cairo – to act now, before it is too late.” I finish.

from direction Jan EgelandThe Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said: “War cannot be allowed in a huge refugee camp.”And warn him “Bloodbath” risk If Israeli operations expand there. He added, “Expansion of hostilities in Rafah may lead to the collapse of the humanitarian response.”

Relief groups confirm that they cannot transfer people to safer areas because Israeli forces are stationed in the north, adding that the aid allowed into the Strip is not enough for everyone. “All our shelters are overcrowded and we cannot accommodate more.” male Juliet ToumaRepresentative of the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees.

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