June 25, 2024

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Analyst Prediction: If Activision is canceled, prepare to lose out on acquisitions from Microsoft

Analyst Prediction: If Activision is canceled, prepare to lose out on acquisitions from Microsoft

A few days ago, the CMA, Britain’s competition and markets authority, came to put an abrupt end to its plans Microsoft to buy them Activision Blizzardbanning the merger of the two companies. Speculation immediately began as to what might come next.

Will Microsoft’s appeal succeed? How long will the procedures be delayed? What if the acquisition fails?

Now, many analysts have come up with their own answers to the last question. In general, industry experts believe that if the merger with Activision Blizzard fails, Microsoft will immediately continue its acquisition spree, as they assert that it needs it to support the Xbox Game Pass model.

For starters, Midia Research’s Karol Severin thinks it’s neither Microsoft nor Xbox “They will live or die by this takeover.”:

Activision is of course the intended target, but there are other places Microsoft could go with its multi-billion dollar coffers. If this acquisition does not happen, I would expect Microsoft to continue its acquisition spree with other targets.

doctor. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games agrees, believing Microsoft could take a similar approach to Tencent:

Microsoft should definitely start looking at other potential acquisitions now. It’s clearly behind Sony when it comes to first-party games. If the deal doesn’t go through, Microsoft probably has to buy several more studios to bolster its portfolio – and it still won’t get anything as big as Call Of Duty.

Similarly, Nick Parker of Parker Consulting added:

If the acquisition doesn’t happen, and I’m not sure it can now, then Microsoft will miss out on more than ABK in terms of market opportunity and will have to look for another target to fill gaps in cross-platform exploitation and double its user base.

Continuing, Pierce Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis stressed that even if a deal falls through, it likely won’t translate into anything. “Microsoft Game Strategy Overhaul”.

Finally, Niko Partners President and CEO Lisa Kosmos Hanson said:

Microsoft faces the challenge of keeping its subscription attractive and valuable to current and future users, as the service requires constant enrichment with new content in order to retain and attract users.

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