March 4, 2024

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Andreas Mikrotikos left

Andreas Mikrotikos left

The reason for their disagreement was ANT1’s new broadcast to celebrate the station’s 30th anniversary. “I was filming, and I didn’t know who the presenters were. It’s the story of ANT1, who is 30 years old. They asked me a series of questions and I talked about different programmes, I reminded them of the stories,” Andreas Mikritsikos said at the beginning. “How many hours?” asked Chrisla Georgakopoulou. And then it all began.

“How many hours do you tell your cousins. Say how many hours to your cousins ​​in a good way. I’ve talked for 20 hours. How do I know how many hours? Leave us now… Listen for how many hours?”

When Katerina Kayinurgio then asked him what was bothering him, Andreas Mikrotisikos answered her: “Nothing… I thought how many hours I’ll be sitting here” and left the place, shouting: “Leave us, you’re not allowed!”.

When he returned to the Super Katerina show committee, he said: “I made an agreement with Nikos Koklonis, who honored me with a series of proposals. It was not this show, it was other things and this collaboration came through Themis. He honored and honored me with his presence here, where I try to participate, To do my best as a critic of what is happening. I respect this relationship like the apple of my eye.

“But from now on, I will not tolerate ridicule, nor will they try to hit me directly or indirectly. And I will respond there.”

“Chrysla or all Chrysla can’t ask me: ‘How many hours?’ In other words, in a style known as a chatty Andreas who doesn’t stop once he starts. I speak with arguments! I don’t tolerate sarcasm, because I respect Nikos all of you and, in principle, me and the viewers, But I’m not going to sit back and be accused by anyone, whether it’s a specific character or some random person,” Andreas added. Mikroutsikos in a strong tone.

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“I will not be deposed by anyone. I will pack my bags and do it in light hops, because I may need the job but I have dignity,” the presenter pointed meaningfully. “In addition to work, I have learned to live with dignity with nothing and I will continue to live penniless and stumbling but decent. It is not a ruse and a mockery of some who try to play on the backs of others.”

“Today you disappointed me on a personal level,” added Chrisla Georgakopoulou, addressing Andreas Mikrotisikos.

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