June 25, 2024

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Android and iPhone users will send SMS for free

Android and iPhone users will send SMS for free

In a disruptive and completely unexpected announcement, apple I notified it It will adopt the RCS system (Rich Communication System) as a messaging standard, which in practice means that Green Messages expire every time an iPhone user has an iMessage conversation with someone else on an Android phone.

This puts an end to the years-long dispute over “blue” and “green” messages between iPhone and Android users. So the main thing in this case is that both platforms will be able to Exchange free text messages Provided there is a data connection or WiFi of course.

As reported by the Cupertino company 9to5MacRCS support will be added During 2024 through a software update. “At the end of next year, we will add support for the GSM Association’s global RCS standard. We believe that a global RCS profile will provide a better interoperability experience compared to SMS or MMS. This will work alongside iMessage, which will continue to be the best and most secure messaging experience for Apple users. Apple said.

facts, Apple gives in after years of pressure from Google, Ha Samsung Finally her European Union To support the most common RCS standard. Until recently, it “locked out” Android users from outside, keeping one of the iPhone’s “exclusive” selling points, which was free messaging (as long as there was an Internet connection).

At this point let’s remember that it was the European Union that recently pressured Apple to do this Move from Lightning port to USB-C port for all its devices.

Thanks to the RCS standard, Android and iPhone user interaction will be almost identical to iMessage, offering delivery (“read”) notifications, an indication that the user is typing, high-quality videos and photos, and much more. Apple’s implementation of RCS will also add the ability to share location.

Apple will do it its own way

As 9to5Mac also points out, Apple is making that clear going forward iMessage does not open itself on other platforms. This will make the RCS app separate from iMessage, which will continue to exist separately. It also confirms that iMessage remains the most secure and private way to share messages since all messages on its platform are end-to-end encrypted. It does mention that RCS does not support the type and high level of encryption that iMessage has.

It remains to be seen how and in what way RCS will be implemented on the iPhone, which may be one of its key features iOS 18Apple says it will arrive at the end of 2024.

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