May 25, 2024

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Don’t miss these two free games from the Epic Games Store

Don’t miss these two free games from the Epic Games Store

Faithful to her appointment, Epic Games Just updated the Free Games category Legendary Games Store And this week it offers you two games completely free. It is worth noting that once you add them to your account, they are yours forever.

This week’s first game is Earthlock, an indie adventure also aimed at players who like RPGs with turn-based combat. The development team called Snowcastle Games says this role-playing game is inspired by “old school” games from the 1990s, but also offers a newer look at combat and character development. It’s priced at €26.99, but you can get it free for one week.

The second game is Surviving the Aftermath and it is mainly aimed at those who like post-apocalyptic settings and strategy games. The development team here is Iceflake Studios Oy and in this game you are challenged to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future where resources are scarce and you have to build the ultimate colony that is survivable from disasters. This title used to cost €29.99 and is now free.

Download Earthlock By clicking here.

Get to survive the aftermath By clicking here.

The above games will be available for free until next Thursday, November 23 at 18:00 Greek time.

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