June 23, 2024

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Angel Coromero has resigned after being accused of spying on PP plumber Ayuzo

Angel CorromerThe co-ordinating director of the Madrid mayor’s office has been cited as one of the architects who allegedly resigned this Thursday. Spying To do Isabel Diaz Ayuso. Despite Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida promising this morning that he would not hold meetings to hire detectives in a public appearance in the courtyard of the Palacio de Siples Crystal, he finally left his post “with immediate effect”. The new conversation was confirmed to OKDIARIO by official sources.

Almeida revealed that she had been talking to him all afternoon yesterday Various occasions. “He completely denied me that he did any administration to get information about Ayuzo or his relatives,” he said. However, the mayor added, “No. No irregular behavior Or he is not a role model in any of the City Council’s positions. “

“After the trial, we make the decision The detective refuses to meet, the worker refuses to meet, There is no contract and we have not been able to place any order or any fee on public money from the city council to obtain such information, ”Almeida said.

Coromero promises to resign “to defend himself”. In statements FThe former high-ranking official of the Consistency has promised to resign in order to protect himself from all that has been said about him. “Without compromising the Madrid City Council”. “I completely deny that I acted on behalf of PP or anyone else, and I did whatever I was told to do,” he argued.


The opposition in the Madrid city council has already asked Angel Coromero to come out of his usual discretion and give an explanation. Spokesman for the Joint Committee, Martha Higuras (Reclaim Madrid), he had mentioned that they were going to demand an extraordinary and urgent session. For the director to appear Coordination of the Mayor.

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Higueras defines Carromero The mayor’s “right hand”. The mixed committee has recorded an urgent motion for a full session next Tuesday to launch an inquiry committee to clarify the facts. “It is important that those involved in the events do not settle the matter, so all the committees will be in this commission, The right place To carry out these investigations “, commented Higuras

The dark past

Has always been Subject to criticism from a section of the party. BP voices are still remembered Tragic event In which he was involved in Cuba. He was involved in a traffic accident and two people died: Oswaldo Paya, Harold Zebero, a well-known opposition activist for the Cuban government. After returning to Spain, he said, a vehicle with the Cuban government logo collided with them. He pointed out that Baya had left Shock He was later assassinated by Cuba’s secret services.

Coromero returned to his post Town Hall Consultant Capital as mayor of Ana Podella. He was a collaborator with Begona Loreinzer, mayor of the Moradலாs Municipal Board.

He claims to have a degree in his biodata OK He graduated from the Catholic University of Avila (UCAV) Business Management Graduate of ICADE and University of Fordham (New York program in: Business, Banking and International Relations). He speaks English (proficient user) and French (intermediate user).

From the Moradalos position he held between 2011 and 2013, he became Councilor of the Municipal Committee of the PP from 2013 to 2015, As a consultant from 2015 to 2019 and as a voice consultant in 2019, he accompanies me on many activities when he enters Almada’s cabinet. In the private sector, he was a salesman for the department store chain from 2006 to 2007 and in 2013 was an untrained member of the Illustrious Madrid Bar Association. Thread Suspected death His editorial with Oberon Accident in Cuba.

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Five apartments

It has been on BP New Generation Deputy General Secretary Between 2008 and 2013 he was the General Secretary of the Madrid (NNGG), the NNGG of Madrid from 2013 to 2018, the Under Secretary of Elections of the Madrid PP in 2019, the Chairman of the Summerdin PP in 2018 and the Chairman of the Madrid Committee until today.

He collects in his tradition Five apartmentsAll but one of the donations are for sale in Madrid. Assets were valued at 78 78,107, 5 135,702, 8 168,482, 94 94,099 and 6 146,262. , 15,360 is declared in bank accounts. On the other hand, it approves five mortgages with a total debt of 74 749,084 and a total debt of, 46,606.