April 18, 2024

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Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, direct | Pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government blame each other for attacks in the east of the country | International

The British Foreign Secretary will travel to Ukraine to “lead international opposition to the Russian occupation.”

London hopes that British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss will embark on a diplomatic tour of Ukraine, Poland and Germany this week, thereby intensifying efforts to “lead international resistance to Russian occupation” in Eastern Europe. Truss plans to meet with his Ukrainian-Dimitrik Kuleba- and Polish-Zbigniew Rao colleagues in European countries to “demonstrate consensus support for Ukraine’s sovereignty,” according to the Foreign Office, which did not provide details. . The Minister will deliver a speech in Kiev in which he will call on countries to “respect the sovereignty of others and fulfill their obligations”.

On Saturday, the Minister will attend the Munich Security Conference, where he will strengthen ties with the strategic allies of the United Kingdom. “People who are free from aggression and coercion want to live in a world that is responsible for their own future,” Truss argues in Kiev, according to an earlier excerpt from his speech. “That means working with our friends in Ukraine and beyond, they must face threats from anywhere in the world,” the British ambassador added. Truss will urge the Kremlin to “go the path of diplomacy” and “talk.” “But clearly, if they decide to pursue a path of aggression, there will be huge consequences and severe economic costs,” Russia warns.

EFE reports.

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