May 28, 2024

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The United States reaffirms its commitment to Colombia against supporters of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

US relations with Colombia received support Wednesday from Washington to confront “actors” who will help the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“These actors are helping Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba,” Foreign Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Brian Nichols told the Senate inquiry, which did not directly refer to countries that support these governments, such as Russia and China.

Reports from the inquiry, chaired by Senator Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, were given within the framework of the bicentennial anniversary of Washington-Bogota relations.

“During terrorist violence and the brutal dictatorship in neighboring Venezuela, we did not shy away from calling and taking responsibility for those who violated the standards we wanted, giving refuge and encouragement to terrorist and criminal groups and evicting millions of people. For the war of the Colombians,” Nichols said.

The U.S. official confirmed the Biden administration’s commitment to peace agreements that ended the armed conflict between the military and FARC guerrillas in 2016.

Nichols, who visited Colombia last week, said the Colombian government has seen a commitment to further professionalize its security forces.

Legal proposal to strengthen the relationship

Senator Menendez, for his part, unveiled on Wednesday a bill seeking to strengthen ties between the two countries by naming the Latin American nation as a “major non-NATO ally.”

“2022 will no doubt continue to be an important year for America’s commitment to Latin America and the Caribbean,” Menendez said. An editorial Published by the newspaper Miami Herald.

This week, Colombian President Evan Duke visited NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, where he discussed other issues.For growing collaborationRussia and China with Venezuela.

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