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Cuba vs. Omigron: Another war won

Cuba vs. Omigron: Another war won

2022-02-16 12:15:59 / [email protected] / Demetrio Villurutia Julietta

Photo: Escompre

Not unexpectedly, this news is another reason for the country and the Cuban scientific community to rejoice: Cuba has restricted the circulation of the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2.

This result undoubtedly relates to the fact that 80 percent of the Cuban population is vaccinated, which sets us apart significantly from what happened on the world stage where the infection rate was high; However, as we return to our country, the wave of patients caused by this latest virus is no more than before and in a relatively short period of time, transmission control began to be noticed.

Based on this new epidemiological situation and the development of the disease in other international contexts, the country has announced changes in the operating procedures for travelers from countries with a high concentration of Omigron. Now they have to comply only with other protocols in place for those who come to the border.

As we said at the beginning of this explanation, nothing is causal. This is not only because more than 88 percent of the national population has passed their complete vaccination schedule, but more than half already have their booster level.

The Cuban strategy went further because it involved the number of children over the age of two, perhaps the least protected in the world, and the amount of vaccine for those recovering from the disease was practically an unusual and significant route to seal. Immunity levels in a small archipelago with a population of eleven million.

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Among developing countries, Cuba currently ranks first in vaccine coverage and, therefore, has made great strides in the immunization process.

As of mid-February, more than 400 million people worldwide had been infected with the COVID-19 virus, and many poorer nations were suffering from an imbalance in the distribution of immunogens to fight the disease, making them highly vulnerable.

As for Cuba, we are also one of the fastest growing countries in terms of vaccinating their populations, which ensures the validity and effectiveness of our vaccines.

The country’s efforts are now focused on protecting the elderly or the more vulnerable. The Cuban president and health officials have repeatedly called for a visit to the doctor as soon as the first signs of illness appear.

The search for solutions to an adverse epidemiological situation has taught us the validity of approaching the solution to any problem, no matter how complex, from science and discovery, because it combines knowledge and human and material resources. Either way, it will save lives in this case.