June 25, 2024

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“Anita Bania and I were chatting for a while. She’s crazy, I’m crazy too, we thought they were so cute.”

“Anita Bania and I were chatting for a while. She’s crazy, I’m crazy too, we thought they were so cute.”

Giorgos Saris, Christos Papadopoulos and Thodoris Papadopoulos gave an interview on “Bam Danai” about their professional journey and personal life.

As Christos Papadopoulos emphasized, “I joined the youth of Patras by chance. Bouzouki left, a pedestrian went and I took his place.” The song “I Don’t Want Nobody’s Pity” was discovered by Karelas in the music box in Karditsa. Sales of “I Don’t Want Nobody’s Pity” reached 350,000 records. The power of the song was so great that at one concert, from the first note, people “torn down” the stage.

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For his part, Giorgos Sarris noted, “I was in Geneva, Zebikos and Paraskevopoulos took me and told me that I must return to Patras, and that is how I began writing the story of Zigzag.” The name Zig Zag came from a lyric that at first we used to call it “Night Visitors” but our derivative didn’t like it. There were fights with kids from Patras, and at one party Papadopoulos entered the dressing room to scream, because he didn’t like the order in which they came out. “I wrote the song ‘Fysixe erotas vorias’ when there was a personal turmoil in my life. With this song I married my wife for the second time.”

In turn, Todoris Papadopoulos noted that “in 1981, the retro company with Eleftheria Arvanitaki entered my life and began” to ignite. It was Dionysis Savopoulos who “conjured” us and made our first recording. The company discovered Eleftheria Arvanitaki in a bar in Skopelos and told her “you should come with us.” At that time, we were playing music in bars and taking out a ‘hat,’ and we didn’t get any more money.”

Anita Bania’s first appearance on television

He added, “With… Anita Banya We had a fling for a while. She’s crazy, I’m crazy too, we find them so cute. Then we were going to make a video clip for the song “Look at Michael, Oh Mess” and we were saying who would play the role of our women in the video clip? I also put my wife downNita banya This is also her first appearance on television.”

Finally, Giorgos Sarris mentioned that “at one of our concerts in Crete, there were so many people that we couldn’t finish the concert, so we jumped into the car and ‘ran away’.”

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