July 22, 2024

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Ladies’ Paradise: What we will see in the upcoming episodes

Ladies’ Paradise: What we will see in the upcoming episodes

All developments in the series “Ladies’ Paradise”, which we will watch from Monday to Thursday at 20:00 on the Alpha channel.

Monday 27 May at 20:00

Episode 149

Levi shocks Seamus with his discoveries. Victoria may have escaped from prison, but she is trapped in her hideout where his inmates are now watching Demosthenes’ every move.

Renos’ release from prison and his return home changes the facts both for the Yiannopoulos family as they have to find a place where Georgia will stay with her child, but also for Seamus who refuses to talk to him. Renos gets angry and becomes ready. To make the reveal.

Tuesday, May 28 at 8 pm

Episode 150

Rinus, upset by Seamus’ behavior, goes out of bounds and reveals all of Seamus’ crimes to Amalia. Seamus tries to justify himself again by lying. Christos threatens Matola because he caught her red-handed while she was asking Christophoros for help on the phone. Dinos learns all about Simo and visits Reno to ask him to tell the truth.

Seamus asks Demosthenes for Victoria’s address so he can speak to her. At first, he pretends not to know, but finally, after talking to her, he visits to give it to him…except that Amalia will accidentally overhear them…

Wednesday, May 29 at 8 pm

Episode 151

Dinos does his best to find evidence of the crimes committed by Seamus, but his efforts are in vain. Polixeni finds herself in a very difficult situation after Apostolis’s comment about her relationship with Fotis.

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There will be a little competition between Zahrula and Jenny for a place in heaven… Bebitsa explains her position to Markus, who is trying to reunite his family.

Christoforos persistently asks Amalia to reveal to him the information that has reached her ears regarding Victoria. Amalia tries her best to avoid this, but when the pressure becomes too great, she will face a very big dilemma…

Thursday, May 30 at 8 pm

Episode 152

Matula tries to convince Stella to open her eyes and see how dangerous Christos is. Now that he was gone, it was their chance to get out of his house. Victoria was unable to escape and was arrested by the police.

Christoforos undergoes surgery and is admitted to the hospital in a very critical condition. If she fails, her death sentence is certain. So it’s time for her to play her last card and ask her lawyer to send Rino Callenico to her cell.

Amalia’s despair reaches its peak in the face of the grave danger of losing her father. Her world has collapsed and she asks Dino to leave everyone and everything together…