April 18, 2024

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Annoying YouTube overlay ads will stop next month – YouTube

Annoying YouTube overlay ads will stop next month – YouTube

If you often watch YouTube videos from your desktop or laptop computer, and you’re not a YouTube Premium subscriber, you may soon find that the experience has improved.

You see, YouTube overlay ads They will retire And soon, in less than a month. What are overlay ads? They appear as pop-ups at the bottom of a video while you’re watching it, and until now were… an exclusive “privilege” of the YouTube experience on your desktop or laptop. This type of advertisement has not appeared on other platforms such as mobile apps or TVs.

In a post on the YouTube support forum, the company explained that over-the-top ads will stop working from April 6, 2023. The post confirms YouTube’s rationale, which is nothing more than “improving viewer experience and shifting engagement to higher ad formats.” Performance on desktop and mobile devices’. The company also points out that overlay ads are an older form of ads that only appear on desktop, causing inconvenience to viewers.

It’s rare to see a major service like YouTube admit that the way ads are shown disrupts the user experience, but since they’re pulling these ads out, perhaps the service wanted to speak in a more direct and honest way. For YouTube creators, the post states that the impact on their revenue may be “limited” as engagement is set to “switch to other forms of advertising.” At the moment, no other changes have been announced for the various ad formats on YouTube.

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