May 22, 2024

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Star Wars: The Real Disney Lightsaber is so real – watch how amazing it lights up! (video)

Star Wars: The Real Disney Lightsaber is so real – watch how amazing it lights up!  (video)

After two years of obscurity and silence about Disneythe real lightsaber from the movies star Wars It was introduced again at a special event for the company’s theme parks. In particular, Disney Parks President Josh D’Amaro took the stage at SXSW and presented a new demonstration of truly impressive technology that gives the feeling that Lightstaber light blade lights up naturallyAs you have seen in the movies.

Until now, lightsabers, whether originals for hundreds of euros or toys, are sold either on folding plastic blades or with fixed blades attached to the handle. But this technology can make lightsabers To light up and a blade of light leapt out from her fist.

Upon pressing the button and hearing the iconic buzz made by the lightsaber, there is a synchronized “wow” reaction from the audience, who, impressed with the demo, erupt into applause. “I have the coolest job in the world. I carry a real lightsaberD’Amaro can be heard saying, don’t hold back and lights up his lightsaber once more.

Check out these new hyper-realistic lightsaber videos:

It’s “a very difficult project” according to Disney Parks’ head of research and development, Leslie Evans, who has been working on the technology for at least two years. However, it was not made clear when this new generation of lightsabers will be available in Disney parks or in stores and at what price it will be available.

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Thanks to a patent filed earlier by Disney, they detail how it works.

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