April 18, 2024

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Antonis Kanakis on Tempi: Journalists blasted

Antonis Kanakis on Tempi: Journalists blasted

Their show was different “false rumour” which aired Monday night (03/06), Which started directly without a signalby Anthony Kanakis To refer at length to the tragic incident in Tempe And the attack on those responsible, while commenting rigorously and sharply on the positions of various journalists on the tragedy.

At the beginning of the show, the well-known presenter said: When Radio Arvyla started, 15 years ago, they killed Alexis W We found ourselves in a frighteningly strange situation. It was different times of course, it didn’t have the internet in its current form and we went out every day, especially on the first day not knowing what we were doing, We launched what was on our mind.

I remember the psychology of those days, we wanted the earth to open up and swallow us. You are ashamed to live in this countryFor those who have ruled and those who have gone before them, you have anger and say “I don’t want to live in this thing”, I think and say “Oh my God, there is no need to go out under similar circumstances again”.

Yet it was necessary. We will go out and say what we think and discuss, just like you. We are all in the same situation in this country. We’re sad and angry, we’ll try to put them on a schedule, but it won’t be there. The speech will not be staged, we will try to remain calm and calm

For the stationmaster, for the goats, for ourselves.”.

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According to journalists, Kanakis “flickered and thundered”.

Then, after showing a video of unacceptable statements by several journalists about the Tempe crash, Antonis Kanakis said:

Expressions such as the parrot being used or graffiti written on the walls are few. When the press is employed by the parties, channel directors, and various other interests, it becomes an enemy of the republic.

Don’t worry they will get their minions, they will attack us too, they will attack you. Because they can create an imaginary reality. No matter how much you say it’s raining while you spit, it’s not raining. spit on you. Even if tomorrow you have 200 websites, 200 small journalists, five newspapers, friends and colleagues and you can get them all to write whatever you want, they will spit on you.”

“Radio Arbella can’t go on as it was”

Antonis Kanakis also said that he and his team cannot and do not want to continue Radio Arvila in its current form. As he said: It is difficult for us to continue Radio Arvilla this seasonAnd last year with what happened we used to say when the time is right. We were trying to understand the media circus.

They are all doing their best to bring us back to the absurd reality. During the three days of mourning, the return to reality actually began, Survivor was playing, I was seeing posts about the chick he was kissing.

This return also benefits profits. Wants to advertise and check the lobes of joy. We can’t go back to normal. We cannot and do not want to. We do not want to go back with Radio Arbella to this reality.

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The day this bad thing happened, we had a scheduled visit to the AHEPA Children’s Oncology Clinic with Christos, we met Lazarus, Raphael. However, we don’t want to go back, we hope ANT1 understands and they have so far.”

After returning from the commercial break, the presenter explained that Radio Arbella could not continue with the structure it had until today: From what we understood from the messages, what I said was vague and needed clarification. I didn’t mean we were going to disappear, but Radio Arbella can’t go on as it was. We have ideas to leave the vinyl environment tomorrow and do some radio that will not be Radio Arbella as we used to know it.”

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