July 14, 2024

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Apostolos Litras: His greatest fear in prison

Apostolos Litras: His greatest fear in prison

Apostolos Litras has been in prison since yesterday (20/6) and shares his cell with a businessman from Arsova who was arrested for fraud and a famous shop owner accused in a drug case. .

From the first night, the situation was tense as the well-known criminologist battled smoking. Apostolos Litras, a heavy smoker, went to light a cigarette when the businessman told him he was performing lung surgery and did not light it.

The first fight intensified the lawyer’s pre-existing fears. In an inquiry with the Director of Prisons He expressed fear for his life as he might come face-to-face with those taken to Koridalos because of the cases he had undertaken.. The director referred his requests to the public prosecutor and completed all the necessary documents for his requests.

Divorce application

In the next few days, Apostolos Lytra Sophia Polyjokopoulos’ wife is expected to file for divorce. The “Super Katerina” program, citing information from the couple’s environment, is expected to continue immediately after three days of the Holy Spirit.

Since last December, Apostalos Litras has moved out of the house he has been living in with his wife and daughter in Gerakas. A few days before Easter, Sofia Polijokopoulos took the first step towards reuniting, asking her daughter to make another attempt at their marriage and a new beginning, as she was weak.


Before Apostolos Litras apologized on Monday 17/6 for beating his wife, Sophias Polissokopoulos, the eldest daughter of a famous criminologist, his ex-wife and lawyer Spyros Dimitriou testified as fact witnesses.

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The “Open Cases” program with Petros Kousoulos brought the depositions to light.

Testimony of 19-year-old daughter

“My father was never violent. He was always very kind and kind to us. My father has been with Sophia for years. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old. We spent very sweet moments with Sofia, not only her stepmother. My father tried to ensure that we have a good relationship. My father was never violent with her, instead he always helped her.

I have lost the ground beneath my feet. I couldn’t believe what happened. He was always on top of us, always protecting us, Sophia and my mother. If my father is violent, my mother will not seek a relationship with him. We didn’t see my father on a specific schedule. I go to their house every night and spend time with both of them and we spend every Sunday together. I would also like to add that my father had a heart attack five years ago and was unable to work seriously. Nevertheless, he labored very long for me and my two sisters, in our education, or in our formation, materially or emotionally, so that his family would not lack for anything.

Statement of ex-wife

“He is a great father and person. Morally and financially he is next to all his children. That supports all of us. And with his current wife, his children have a great relationship and live together many times. We had a verbal episode once and I was angry for that verbal episode. I prosecuted him, but I exaggerated, but he was acquitted because I narrated the events in court.

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There was no violence from him towards me or his children. It is unfair to say anything against him,” he said. We remind you that Apostolos Litras was sued by his ex-wife in 2017 for domestic violence.

Testimony of his best man, lawyer Spyros Dimitriou

Attorney Spyros Dimitrios Apostalos is Litras’ best man.

“I cannot give any explanation or reason for this incident. Knowing their love for each other, I could not believe that the accused wanted to harm his beloved wife in any way. My guess is that it was a spur-of-the-moment incident and he didn’t intend to harm her in any way, and in fact I heard the harm she suffered,” he noted.