July 14, 2024

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Ano Leosia: Beats his wife a few meters away from the police station

Ano Leosia: Beats his wife a few meters away from the police station

A new incident Domestic violence held in Ano LeosiaWalking distance from the local police station, Aki evokes memories of the tragic murder of Kriaki Kriva by her ex-partner outside the police station of Aki Anargiro.

According to the Star, a woman was brutally beaten by her husband in the middle of the street around 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

Two police officers near the Ano Liosion police station heard the 28-year-old woman’s screams and calls for help.

“We observed a woman repeatedly calling for help and a man furiously assaulted her and tried to forcibly take her away in a vehicle,” the officer said.

A wild chase through the streets of Ano Leocia

A wild chase ensued through the streets of Ano Leocia as the perpetrator violently abducted his wife and fled to the 44-year-old father’s home.

“The woman again called for help, begging them to take her and protect her. I noticed that she had bruises on her right knee, right thumb and left hand and her face was red. The accused held her tight and did not let her escape. “She did not comply with our order to release her and surrender,” the officer added.

Moments later, the 28-year-old man escaped and ran towards the police. The attacker’s father attacked the patrol car with punches and kicks.

The 30-year-old accused and his 44-year-old father are being held at the domestic violence unit in Menydi and will be brought to Evalpitan court tomorrow to be tried by an automated three-judge tribunal.

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