July 14, 2024

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Goblin Marka2 also “flew”!! From Kassalakis’ Syriza!

Goblin Marka2 also “flew”!!  From Kassalakis’ Syriza!

Social media seems to have been plagued by intra-party spins, including official opposition in recent days, to the chronological, fanatical support of one of the internet’s most famous trolls. Koumoundurau.

The reason for the well-known account “Marka 2!!”Co-starring ‘Ben DaLaura’, ‘Lina’, ‘Aredi Athanasiou’ and a few more accounts in her background and positive commentary. Syriza B.S And inside and outside the walls – its action.

In fact, the account “Marka2!!” He participated in an internal party contest to nominate his successor Alexis Tsipras Last summer, every day created a climate in his favor Stefano KassalakisBut blasted his co-candidates.

Of late he has supported the new leadership of SYRIZA, but also Koumounduru’s opposition plan, although his enigmatic last post marks the end of an era. After all, the account’s last posts discredit Alexis Tsipras, while he reproduces the so-called leading figures of Syriza’s internal opposition. George Tsipras.

Check out today’s post:

“Choosing his partners is @skasselakis’s absolute prerogative

It is his absolute right to run the party as he sees fit

However, it is a grave mistake to hurt your credibility and that of SYRIZA with political indiscretions.

Stephan, don’t get yourself wrong” in his last post the troll “Marka2!!” threw a veil over his support for SYRIZA PS and its leader.

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There was an earlier post from the account in question, according to which “Mitsotakis is cozy with Kasselakis – Androulakis”. Check out the post:

Check out the post about George Tsipras after his impeachment:

News Today:

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