May 28, 2024

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Apple breaks all the rules – unveils new $3,000 augmented reality glasses

Apple breaks all the rules – unveils new $3,000 augmented reality glasses

On June 5, Apple is expected to unveil the most unconventional product in its history: a set of mixed reality gear that looks like ski goggles and is estimated to cost $3,000.

iPhone, Air-pods, iPod, Apple Watch and MacBook Air are the great inventions of Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook, great travelers in the sea of ​​technology, under the Apple seal. Recently, however, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, wanted to add another innovative item to the company’s quiver, the popular mixed reality headset.

What is a stethoscope?
Earphone: English: skull object – a technical accessory with audiovisual equipment and transfers the user to a virtual world, or displays virtual objects in the real world. The latest and most famous – for now – is the always unquestioned Meta. When we introduced Meta to the Metaverse, he also gave us his $1,000 Meta Quest Pro virtual reality goggles, which most users still wonder what they are for. What is certain is that it is your ticket to enter the Metaverse, the 3D digital space that makes use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other advanced online applications.

Although Mark Zuckerberg bets his entire company’s future on the Metaverse and its products, his headset still suffers from technical and physical limitations that make it complex and impractical. However, in the case of Apple, this appears to be changing. And while it appears to be one of the most unconventional products the company has launched to date, we know very well that Apple has a knack for turning complexity into simplicity and style.

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Virtual reality in Greek
Reading the above news made me remember an important meeting I had with Vangelis Lymboridis, a Greek native from California’s Silicon Valley and founder of Enosis, a high-end technology innovation and virtual reality company based in Los Angeles. Lymbouridis is also the brains behind the Bohemian Rhapsody virtual reality experience he made with Google and Queen.

Before becoming a world-renowned expert in virtual and augmented reality, he left the Department of Physics at the University of Ioannina to study at the Glasgow College of Art. There he did fine art interactive art using computers and after obtaining his degree he obtained a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in ‘Interactive Systems’ and then a Ph.D. “PhD at the University of Edinburgh was about the role of the human body in interactive systems, ‘whole body interaction’, that is, the connection of the human body to sensors and how we can monitor it and make any kind of interaction, as was happening in Minority Report, where they communicate with the computer with hand movements. This is the next step in computer science, “spatial computing”.

So last summer, he said, “spatial computing has a continuum and it starts with augmented reality where you can see objects, information, and other interactions within your physical space, like the augmented reality glasses we’ve come to expect from Apple, or with Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens…” when you step into Inside Wearing special virtual reality glasses, you are in a digital space that you can interact with, so you have a sense of presence, he explains. This is where all VR action is based. Whether it’s therapeutic, military training or entertainment, the Greek expert said of the technology that Apple will use, there is always this sense of presence and how you have to maintain it.

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Apple strikes again
So all eyes are on this presentation of the new headset. The leaked information has tech enthusiasts waiting impatiently.
This set will look like ski goggles and come with an external battery. These are mixed reality sets, which combine virtual reality, where you only see what’s inside the glasses, and augmented reality, where digital objects appear in the real world. This gear is expected to cost $3,000 and likely won’t be released before the fall.

Of course, its biggest bet remains to give meaning to the use of these headphones. With the general response cloudy and the current market for these interactive speakers smaller than any company that has entered in the past decade, their steps seem complicated. However, Apple has proven that it can not only successfully introduce a new product to the market, but also create its own versions of products with better functional features and superior aesthetics. A typical example is the Apple Watch.

When the CEO of Apple, the company with more than two billion active devices, Tim Cook, introduced the watch, he didn’t even know what exactly it would be used for. It took at least half a decade for it to become the ultimate tool for fitness and contactless shopping. Accordingly, the header group will benefit from the “if you build it, they will come” approach. Apple’s new object offers us, in a way that might be enormous, a “brave new world” of things that involve storytelling. Which is transformed with the help of virtual reality into a living story. A story someone tells at the movies.

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With virtual reality, he will live it. There is a lot of experimentation and brainstorming. Do you wear these headphones to play immersive 3D games? to watch movies? Do you take yoga classes in virtual Machu Picchu? Does your avatar do everyday things? Displaying six virtual computer monitors on top of your desk?

Looking at the iPod and the Apple Watch, it is possible to see how Apple can turn something that seems rather strange and perhaps not very useful, into a new direction of technology. It seems hard to believe, especially when they’re charging a few thousand for a fancy pair of glasses, but nothing’s stopping Apple from making this accessory the most sought-after technological achievement of the new age. A few years are enough to see what he will achieve.