October 4, 2023

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Apple is ready to make a big move for the biggest change to the iPhone in 11 years

Apple is ready to make a big move for the biggest change to the iPhone in 11 years

FILE PHOTO: People outside the Apple Store in Bangong during the iPhone 14 launch in September 2022. EPA/RUNGROJ YONGRIT

Apple will unveil the new iPhone 15 in the coming days but this is expectedAnd moving forward with a very important change.

According to CNN reportIt is rumored to be iPhone 15 You’ll be giving up the Apple Lightning charger It will be replaced by a USB-C charger, like the one used by most other phones.

The change, if it comes to fruition, comes less than a year after the European Union passed legislation requiring smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, portable speakers and other small devices to adapt to USB-C charging by 2024.

The law aims to reduce the number of chargers and cables consumers need to have when purchasing a new device and allow users to mix and match devices and chargers. Even from different brands.

“This is arguably the biggest change to iPhone design in many years, but it’s actually not a dramatic move at all,” says Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight.

This is because Apple has already “converted” its iPads and MacBooks to USB-C charging. However, the company has resisted doing the same on the iPhone.

Last year, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, insisted on the value of the Lightning charger, which is designed to charge a device faster. But he noted that “it’s clear we have to stick” to the EU’s mandate.

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“We have no other choice. As we do all over the world, We will comply with local laws“, he added.

With…a little grumble anyway about the real environmental value of this procedure.

The EU decision is part of a larger effort to tackle e-waste generally, but there are concerns that, in the short term, it could create more problems as users phase out Lightning cables. Furthermore, Apple may need to develop a program to recycle these cables.

Although Apple has expressed environmental concerns about what happens to older Lightning chargers, it also has financial reasons for delaying the change.

The history of the Lightning charger

Apple introduced the Lightning charger with the iPhone 5 in 2012.

But it has also launched related accessories, requiring users to purchase a $30 Lightning adapter to connect the device to older systems.

“For Apple, it’s all about controlling its ecosystem,” explains David McQueen, director of ABI research. “Apple makes good money selling Lightning cables and many related accessories.”

He adds that perhaps Apple will now create its own USB-C cable to offer “better performance with the iPhone,” meaning more power, faster charging support, and less risk and damage to batteries.

What does this mean for iPhone users?

It is currently unclear whether the switch to USB-C will affect all new iPhone 15 models or only Pro devices.

Apple could also skip wired charging altogether and switch to wireless charging, but not anytime soon because “wireless charging is currently much slower than wired charging.”

With information from CNN

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