July 20, 2024

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Google Maps has got an incredibly convenient new feature

Google Maps has got an incredibly convenient new feature

the Google It just updated its popular navigation app, which is Google Maps, with a very convenient feature. Going into detail, users can now save locations they’ve visited, are going to visit, or just generally want to mark on their maps and display them with custom icons. For example, one can save all their favorite cafes with a coffee emoji and they will appear with them on the map, for quick access at a glance.

In the past, the saving feature only allowed for five different categories, so many users typically don’t sort their locations, just star them. Google’s new feature allows for much better organization and management, adding a more personal touch to everyone’s maps.

The feature is now available to everyone and below you can find detailed instructions as well as an image published by Google itself that shows how you can transform your maps using it.

How to save locations with a custom icon in Google Maps:

1. From the bottom navigation bar in the app, select the Saved menu.

2. Select “New List”.

3. Name your new list and select the icon you want.

4. Once the list is created, add locations to it using the usual Save button.

5. All locations in the new list will appear on the map with the icon you selected.

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