February 22, 2024

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Apple Vision Pro repair can cost up to $2,399 – Apple

Apple Vision Pro repair can cost up to $2,399 – Apple

If you're buying an Apple Vision Pro, you might want to get a case for it as well.

According to AppleInsider, based on the company's repair and service page, repairing the device can be very expensive, even for someone who planned and purchased an AppleCare+ plan. For example, if the system cover glass is cracked, the replacement cost is up to $799. Other types of failure can cost the end user up to $2,399, which is only $1,100 less than purchasing a brand new Apple Vision Pro.

The repair prices don't look great for someone who bought AppleCare+ alongside their purchase, but they're not cheap by any means. Damaged cover glass or other type of repair costs $299, plus an extended warranty fee of $25 per month

. Although it is expected that third party repair can be done, this will likely cause issues if the device then reaches Apple, and typically for such a complex system, not all parts may be available. However, Apple has recently supported the Right to Repair Movement and has an existing self-repair program for iPhones and MacBooks and may add its own computers in the future. The company could add Vision Pro to this program, but that may not happen anytime soon.

Apple's Vision Pro is now available for pre-order exclusively from Apple's US website and from all Apple Stores nationwide. The $3,499 version offers 256GB of storage, while the 512GB model costs $3,699. Do you want 1 TB of space? This model will cost you $3,899. Note that its accessories are sold separately, and you will have to pay an additional $199 for its travel bag.

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