February 20, 2024

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Crete: The olive variety will now be identified in a smart and quick way through the application

Crete: The olive variety will now be identified in a smart and quick way through the application

A new application to identify olive varieties through a simple image appears on the mobile phone screens of olive growers and growers.

According to Giorgos Kumpouris, researcher at ELGO Dimitras: “There are currently more than 1,200 olive cultivars known around the world, each with different yields, product quality, resistance to insects and diseases, soil requirements and climatic conditions.”

This is also one of the goals of researchers at the Olive Cultivation Laboratory of the Institute of Olives, Subtropical Plants and Vineyards of ELGO-DIMITRA in Chania, who in collaboration with Sapienza University in Italy have developed a standard deep learning model for olive cultivation. Automatic identification of olive varieties through visual observation of their carving. According to the Greek researcher, Gen4Olive is an innovative, EU-funded work aimed at increasing the mobilization of olive genetic resources and promoting improvement activities.

Unfortunately, 95% of olive varieties in the Mediterranean region remain unexploited and unused, while they are preserved only in germplasm banks. These items are likely to remain dormant if they are not harnessed through targeted actions to help make them active, make their properties known, and make them available to end users. In order to do this, they must be identified easily, quickly and accurately, concluded Mr. Koumbouris.

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