June 25, 2024

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Apple warns: Don’t sleep with your iPhone next to you while it’s charging

Apple warns: Don’t sleep with your iPhone next to you while it’s charging

There have been many cases of chargers catching fire or phones suddenly “exploding” while charging, injuring their owners. now, apple Come to warn owners iPhone so they never sleep with their phone next to them or in their hands while charging.

As stated in Updated user guide From iPhones: “Use common sense to avoid situations where your skin comes into contact with a device or power charger while it’s on or plugged in for an extended period of time.”

For example, do not sleep on top of a device, power adapter, or wireless charger, or place it under a blanket, pillow, or your body when it is plugged into a power outlet.He also writes in the User Guide. Apple also recommends the following specifically for people with health issues: “Instead, keep your iPhone, power adapter, and any wireless charger in a well-ventilated area away from your body while charging. People with health conditions that prevent them from feeling the heat are advised to take extreme precautions.

It also warns users not to charge their phones damp places or wet places, such as the sink, bathtub, or shower, or touching the device with wet hands.

It is known that even original Apple chargers can get hot after an hour in the socket and while charging your mobile phone. It recommends the use of its own original or certified accessories (cables and charger), called “Made for iPhone”, which it has certified based on its own standards.

Of course, the above tips are not only for iPhone owners but for all Android smartphone users, so keep them in mind the next time you want to fall asleep with your phone in your arms while it’s charging.

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